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          We wish to express our profound appreciation to Mr. Rob Friedman, who has been gracious  enough to allow us to post many of his nostalgic and rare photographs, including the Freedomland layout map, containing the very clever animated train, which Rob created.  That Photograph may be seen, along with his very rare Freedomland memorabilia collection, many items of which are also shown below.

Of all the theme parks with which I have been associated, including the remarkable Walt Disney World, none has left nostalgic recollections as memorable as those of Freedomland USA, a magnificent and beautiful theme park that was truly devoted to America and her history.  It is to that history and heritage, and especially to the brave men and women who continue to preserve it, that this page is happily dedicated.

    Freedomland Was Shaped Like A Map Of The United States

The Santa Fe Railroad With Ore Bucket Skyway Ride In Background

A view "almost coast to coast"

Freedomland Advertisement Piece

Postcard Showing Chicago Trolley & Riverboat American

Chicago Trolley At "The Loop"

Freedomland Ore Buckets With New Paint Job 1963

Borden's Elsie-The-Cow Boudoir Attraction

Fighting The Fires In Old Chicago

Mailing Side Of Postcards

           Spectacular Entertainment                The Tucson Mining Company Ore Buckets  

The Iron Horse






Passing Trolleys In Old Chicago

Antique Car Ride Sponsored By American Oil

Buccaneer Pirate Ride In Old New Orleans

The Old Southwest Section Of Freedomland

The Pepsi Cola Music Hall - 1961

Danny The Dragon Ride

Elsie The Cow Exhibit

Fort Calvary

German  Street Band In Little Old New York

The Chicago Fire Attraction

Old Chicago Volunteer Fire house

The Sternwheeler "The American"

New York Harbor Tug Boat At Harbor Restaurant

Northwestern Fur Trapper's Ride

Ore Bucket Sky Ride With Original Paint Colors

The Mule Pack Ride

Civil War Correspondent's Wagon

Santa Fe Railroad Station

Santa Fe Railroad Station In Old San Francisco

Moving Sidewalk To Flying Saucer In Satellite City

Another View Of Flying Saucer Ride

Freedomland's Main Entrance And Ticket Booths

Little Old New York Railway Station

Inside The Main  Entrance Approaching Little Old New York


Guest Guide Map Of Freedomland

Overhead View Of Freedomland Topography

Freedomland  Banner #1

Freedomland Banner #2

Two Different Coaster Styles From The Schaefer Brewery

       Flying Saucer          Pre-Opening Freedomland Button      Badges Worn By Security

 Freedomland Stamp & Top             Pill Box With Logo                 Tug Boat Captain Caps

Freedomland Souvenir Jackknife

Paul Revere Silver Souvenir Spoon

Popular Jigsaw Puzzle Of Freedomland

"The Canadian" Sternwheeler      George Hamid, Jr.  Circus         Old Chicago Train Station

       Chicago Firehouse             Chicago Horse Drawn Trolley      Close-up View Of Firehouse

           Beat Patrolman               Front Of Schaefer Brewery                Santa Fe Trestle    

   Santa Fe Mule Pack Ride         "The American" Sternwheeler              Fire Company 8    


    Trolley In Little Old New York       Fighting The "Chicago Fire"            Old Chicago In Flames  

           Freedomland Clown            American Oil Antique Car Ride          American Oil Gas Pumps

      A Gunfight Concludes In Old Santa Fe   

    Vickie Rossi, As Lady Guinevere, In "Colossus" Arena Show

    Benny Rossi & Jack Meli In 1961 "Colossus" Spectacular
     Jimmy Moss And Bob Oran In Ft. Calvary Gunfight - 1963

     Trick Roper In Ft. Cavalry Section Of Freedomland 1963

    Freedomland Marshal Benny Rossi, On "Navajo",  1964

    Miss Teen America 1963 (center) With "Navajo" & Marshal


   Spinning "Big Loop" In Southwest Section Of Park 1964

    "Greatest Horsemen Of History" Segment Of Colossus 1961

   Benny Rossi On "Navajo" With Wife Vickie - 1961


"Tear Sheet" Of  Celebrity Appearances In July Of 1963

   Jumping Through A Spinning Rope Loop On Horseback 1963 

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